ERRCS Testing & Certification

Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS)

Once we have determined your building falls within the size requirements of enforced national/local codes we send a technician to the site. State of the art equipment is used to test the entire facility. Our equipment checks the strength of two-way radio signals used by first responders. If your building passes this test (all information gathered is documented and provided to you) then there will be no need to install a system. Testing is required annually.

If the building does NOT pass our experienced engineering team begins the crucial design process. A custom system is designed to boost the signal to required standards throughout the building. A quote for the cost of the system and installation is provided. Once approved, our experienced and highly trained technicians flawlessly install the entire system. Your system is certified and will meet all local and national building codes – GUARANTEED! Contact us today for answers to all your questions.


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