First Responder Radio Codes

How do I know if the code change affects my existing building or one being built?

Every area of the country has unique local requirements to determine the course of action, if any, that is required. SpeakEZ Communications knows who to contact and how to determine whether your building is subject to changes/enforcement of codes. Experts estimate that 90% of building owners don’t have the communications coverage necessary for Emergency Responders and mandated by current fire codes. When required, we conduct certified testing with state of the art equipment that is based on all federal and LOCAL standards. If enough areas in your building DO NOT have sufficient two-way radio communications, installing a system will be required.

SpeakEZ Communications will design and install a system that will enable your building to pass. If your building is still in the planning stages it is IMPERATIVE that you reach out to us now. It is much more cost-effective to include a system into the architectural plans if needed than to wait. Office buildings, high-rises, storage unit facilities, hotels, hospitality venues, malls, campuses, hospitals, arenas, and airports are just some of the public facilities where codes are now being STRICTLY enforced. Don’t run the risk of being non-compliant. Click on your city below (or nearest city to you) for the CODE requirements in YOUR area. Then contact SpeakEZ Communications for answers and solutions!

Find your local two-way radio building requirements.