Cellular DAS

Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

It’s not surprising that almost 80% of communications happen indoors. Unfortunately, poor reception is common in buildings due to materials used in construction. Reliable connectivity isn’t just about maximizing revenue and customer experience – it’s a public safety issue. Imagine a life-threatening emergency and you can’t dial 911. At SpeakEZ we know that dependable indoor cellular communication is not a luxury – it’s ESSENTIAL. Our “cellular distributed antenna system”(DAS) is your solution to this major issue. This system receives outdoor cell signals and then distributes them throughout your facility with a series of small antennas. SpeakEZ also offers a technology called “Small Cell”. Small Cell also boosts indoor reception through base stations that are cost-effective and use less power.

Your custom indoor DAS or Small Cell system is designed, installed and maintained by SpeakEZ based on YOUR site and requirements. Each SpeakEZ cellular system provides seamless connectivity that meets the highest standards for voice and data. And as always, the process with SpeakEZ is turnkey and complete. We also help arrange agreements with wireless providers before building your system to ensure approval. Contact SpeakEZ today for your indoor cellular signal SOLUTION!


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