SpeakEZ Communications is a full service integrator for ERRCS and Cellular boosting.  We provide testing, design, installation (DAS/ERRCS) and annual certifications.  Larger projects often fall within IFC 510 and NFPA 72/1221 fire codes for radio signals.  These codes mandate flawless two-way radio communications for First Responders throughout larger buildings.  Testing buildings is a key part of the process and normally done near the end of construction.  This allows for the most accurate assessment during testing to calculate the strength of two-way radio signals INSIDE the building.  It’s important to note that regardless of whether a system is needed – testing is normally REQUIRED in buildings over 50,000 square feet or those that are at least 3 stories high.  Sometimes local ordinances vary on this requirement.  Building owners and contractors often get to the finish line of a project and can’t obtain a certificate of occupancy because they have not been tested.  Contact us today for testing services.  When we test a building we can provide a verbal “pass or fail” result to you immediately and a written report in 24-48 hours.   Contact us today for a quote to test your building.

SpeakEZ team members reviewing results of testing at a Warehouse facility this morning. This test was done for our partner Active Industrial Fire Protection

Our partner Active Industrial Fire Protection