Many cities and counties across the country have enacted and now strictly enforce local ordinances/codes making in-building two-way radio coverage for first responders mandatory.  These regulations require every new building to meet a minimum level of first responder communication reliability as a condition for occupancy.  Fire code calls for 99% coverage in critical areas such as the fire command room, fire pump room, stairwells and elevators. For all other spaces, the coverage required is 95%.  It is the responsibility of the building’s owner or operator to have their building tested by a certified Public Safety ERRCS/DAS professional. If required, they must have a system installed and ensure it passes all code specifications. Understanding all local codes is critical since every jurisdiction has slightly different ordinances. Some states have drafted their own statutes to govern Public Safety Communications. Many municipalities are adopting the language in the IFC and NFPA codes as basis for their interpretation. That means that the location of your building and the relevant local authority will determine which codes must be followed.  SpeakEZ Communications can untangle all of this for you.  Let us contact the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) in your area and determine what is required specifically for your building/facility.  Contact SpeakEZ Communications for answers to all your questions on this critical public safety requirement.