Obviously it’s always nice to have advanced notice when we need to do design and installation work.  We often speak to a general contractor or building owner who has just about completed a project and then realizes the building needs testing and/or a ERRC system.  We often have to mobilize our team quickly to do last minute testing, system design and installation.  We realize that an occupancy permit hinges on whether the building has proper two-way radio signal strength for First Responders.  Such was the case recently when the owner of this new storage facility in Katy, Texas contacted us.  Storage facilities often fail testing – not always due to square footage but often due to the amount of metal and other materials used in construction on each floor.  When we tested this storage facility it did fail and a system was required.  A quick turnaround time was necessary because the building was due to open soon.  We met that deadline much to the delight of the building owner.  If you find yourself in such a situation please contact us.

Community Self Storage in Katy, Texas