SpeakEZ Communications is based in Texas but truly works coast to coast.  We test buildings for signal coverage, do ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems) and Cellular boosting installations from Alaska to Florida!  As an example, this week team members were “on-site” in Montgomery, TX – Rochester, NH – Fort Myers and Plant City, FL – St. Louis, MO and Boise, ID!  Almost every area of the country is now strictly enforcing fire codes that require flawless two-way radio communications for all First Responders.  This is a matter of life and death for them and the general public in the even of an emergency.  If you are involved involved in the planning or construction of any larger projects (normally 50k square feet and higher) contact us today to make sure you are code compliant and don’t encounter costly delays for lack of planning!  Have a wonderful/safe Memorial day weekend and remember why we have the freedoms we do.