An option that makes sense in many situations for building owners and those involved in the process of construction is to PRE-WIRE a building for ERRCS.  There are at least two good reasons to consider having SpeakEZ Communications “pre-wire” your project.

  1. Due to the size of the project and materials being used in construction it is fairly likely the building will FAIL testing and will need a system.  Testing a building for two-way radio signal strength near the end of the construction process is the only way to know for certain whether a building needs a system or not.  But our design team can look at the plans and determine a higher “likelihood”.  In cases where the need for a system is much higher it saves money and is MUCH EASIER to pre-wire the building for a system during construction.  This means running all the cables required for a system but not installing the hardware.
  2. In any area when there is going to be a considerable amount of development in/around your building.  A building that passes testing now may very well FAIL in the future once other structures are built around it.  Remember, new buildings MUST be tested annually.  Plan ahead – it will save you time, money and hassles down the road.  We Pre-Wire buildings for ERRCS AND FOR CELLULAR BOOSTING.

We are “on-site” this morning at this multi-family development in Houston doing a “pre-wire” in association with our partners Excel One Electric and Alliance Corporation.  Contact SpeakEZ Communications today and we can discuss whether PRE-WIRING your building makes sense.

A multi-family development on Silber Road in Houston where we are pre-wiring for ERRCS and Cellular.

Our partners on this project.